What Makes A Barbour Quilted Jacket Such A Favourite Choice?

Published: 17th November 2011
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If asked to name their favourite feature of their Barbour quilted jacket you'd probably find most people listing things such as warmth, comfort, reliability and quality. This is perhaps why they are the favourite outdoor coat of the Royal Family, and of course having been designed and developed by Barbour, nestled in the Highlands of Scotland, they have had their outdoor tests carried out in the sort of outdoor weather you can only really experience in Scotland. Snow, rain, hail, sleet, biting winds and even worse during the off season months.

A Barbour quilted jacket is designed to keep you warm. Although they are advertised as being water resistant, this doesn't mean waterproof, so they're not really designed for use in long periods of torrential rain. But when it comes to keeping you warm, a Barbour quilted jacket is just the ticket. The classic diamond pattern on the front, and inside too in many cases, is an iconic symbol, and tells you immediately that this is the real deal. But in fact it's not just about a pretty pattern or an iconic symbol, because there's a reasons why those small, narrow diamond stitching marks are there.

Inside a Barbour quilted jacket are two types of down, coarse down and light down. There's a good deal more light down than there is coarse down, which makes a huge difference in terms of warmth straight away. Many of the cheaper makes of quilted jacket will use far more of the coarse down, which might feel warm at first, and the initial impression of the coat when you first wear it is that it will keep you warm for ages. But the difference between coarse down and light down is that light down retains the heat and warmth for considerably longer because of course it creates much finer spaces for air pockets.

In cheaper coats the coarse down will feel warm at first, but will quickly lose its heat. With a Barbour quilted jacket this doesn't happen, and this is often something which surprises people not just when they first wear it, but after they have been wearing it for hours outside in biting cold weather. But what of that diamond stitching? How does that help keep you warm?

In some cheaper models of quilted jacket manufacturers not only stuff more coarse down in there than light down, but they don't provide much in the way of support for even distribution. This means that quite quickly the coarse down which is heavier will fall and settle towards the bottom of any internal space or pocket. This can result in a very uneven distribution of padding, and this will result in cold spots appearing. These cold spots allow much of the heat being retained by those areas still insulated to be lost more quickly.

The small diamond sections on the Barbour quilted jacket are there to ensure that the down remains evenly distributed across every square inch of the coat, and has nowhere to drop or fall. This ensures that the coat is able to retain a huge amount of warmth, make sure that warmth is evenly retained, and that it is retained for as long as possible.

There are other small touches with a Barbour quilted jacket which make sure they stand apart from others, such as having the pockets separately lined, but to the same standard as the rest of the coat, so that you can keep your hands beautifully warm too. A high, insulated collar to keep your neck warm, and even press studs rather than zips on the pockets so you can easily get things in and take them out without having to take your gloves off all helps to make Barbour a name that people rely on when the weather turns cold and chilly. Never mind global warming, try Barbour warming - it's a lot more guaranteed!

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