Uncovering The Claims Made By An Invisalign Dentist

Published: 25th November 2011
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If you have seen any of the hype you could be forgiven for thinking that an Invisalign dentist can accomplish something close to a miracle. But what's the truth behind the media claims? Is what you read about and see advertised almost everywhere really true, and just how close do clear braces come to being a minor miracle?

Let's be honest, very few people jump up and down in excited anticipation at the thought of wearing large, very visible, very obvious and usually fairly uncomfortable metal braces. If you don't have the world's best looking teeth then really until now you've had a simple choice: live with it, or use the only solution for teeth alignment, other than having the whole lot pulled out and replaced with dentures.

Yet metal braces are not an ideal solution, and the fact that they're uncomfortable, can cause ulcers and sores, greatly affect the way you sound and speak, become the most visibly obvious aspect of your appearance and need to be worn for two or three years on average makes them particularly unappealing. But of course, people have still opted for them because it's that, or live with a set of teeth which looks like a graveyard after an earthquake that happened during a hurricane.

Until now. Because there have been claims that by visiting an Invisalign dentist you can be fitted for a set of clear braces. Often called invisible braces these are supposed to work in a very similar way to normal braces, applying incremental pressure on your teeth to move them into the correct alignment. Except that clear braces, as the name tends to suggest, are clear, and practically invisible.

The claims don't end there. It is said that these invisible braces are virtually impossible to spot, don't have any effect on your speech, and are extremely comfortable to wear. It gets better, because according to the claims made for Invisalign braces, the entire process can be completed in around half the time of normal braces, and because you can remove the braces at any time you like very discretely and easily, you can still brush and floss your teeth properly, and even eat your favourite foods, and become passionate with someone without fear of oral entanglement!

The only question at the end of all those claims is of course, what's the catch? For something so extraordinary to be introduced, solving in one fell swoop every single problem associated with standard braces, many people feel that there has to be some sort of catch, which will make seeing an Invisalign dentist the last thing you'd want to do for teeth alignment, rather than the only real choice.

Well, there is a catch. Or more accurately, two catches, and it's important you're aware of these. Firstly, the fact that you can remove the clear braces easily at any time is usually quoted as being an advantage, but of course there is a downside to this opportunity. For anyone who finds temptation a little bit too tempting, there is a danger that they may take the braces out a little too often, or for too long, or even 'accidentally' forget to put them back in. But by doing this the teeth alignment process can fail, and may have to be started all over again.

The other 'catch' is that you don't actually get given one set of clear braces. You're given your first set at the start of the process, but two weeks later you have to go back to your Invisalign dentist for a replacement set. Two weeks later, you're back again for the next set, and so on, every two weeks throughout the entire process. Although Invisalign's braces can complete the teeth alignment process in roughly half the time of normal braces, that's a lot more visits to the dentist, and for some people this just isn't convenient.

However, if you feel that these two 'catches' are worth the many benefits which clear braces have to offer, then it may be worth contacting an Invisalign dentist to find out more. If your teeth look a little bit as though they've fallen out with each other, then you've nothing to lose by finding out more, and you may well have a whole new smile to look forward to.

If you feel you'd like to know more, and would like to locate your nearest Invisalign dentist then visit The Invisalign Guide for free, impartial and professional advice about clear braces.

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