Three Common Assumptions About PVC Door Canopies

Published: 15th June 2009
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Having a plastic door canopy fitted to your property can make a surprising difference for very little cost. A canopy above your front door makes your property stand out and look extremely smart for very little outlay, and emphasizing kerb appeal can make all the difference in today's competitive housing market. But as well as offering an attractive means of decoration and sophistication, PVC door canopies also add a practical advantage too.

Depending upon the size of door canopy which you choose to have fitted, you can find that a significant degree of shelter is possible. This is extremely welcoming for guests and those visiting your property, especially in wetter weather. It can also help shelter your door from the direct elements, including both direct sunlight and wetter weather - particularly handy if you find half of your mail sticking through your letter box has become sodden.

If you have never considered having a plastic door canopy fitted it is likely to be for one of three reasons. Either the hassle of having one fitted, the expense of having one made or the uncertainty as to whether it would look right on your particular property. Let's have a look at all three of these common assumptions and find out what PVC door canopies offer.

None of us much likes the upheaval of having building work or extension work done on our homes. Whether it's as straightforward as a new window or door or a longer term project such as an extension, a new garage or perhaps a conservatory, there is always likely to be people visiting, noise being created, dust and mess to clean up and a degree of inconvenience. These problems tend to put a great many people off having simple modifications done to their house, and yet in truth, such problems are rarely necessary.

PVC and fibreglass or GRP, (glass reinforced plastic) is incredibly strong. But at the same time it is incredibly light, and this combination of strength with lightness means that fitting a plastic door canopy needn't be anywhere as difficult as you might imagine. Another of the advantages of PVC or GRP is that it is extremely easy to mold or fabricate fixtures and fittings to exact specifications or designs. This means that the precise dimensions and individual features of your property can be taken into account, and the finished product manufactured in a factory, away from your home.

The only upheaval will be in answering the door when it arrives, and watching either one or two fitters place it into position and fasten it securely in place. You might just have time to make a cup of tea before they leave. The whole process takes very little time, and as far as inconvenience, noise and mess is concerned, these are entirely immaterial. Clearly having a door canopy made on site using timber and other raw materials would result in time and inconvenience. But with your plastic door canopy arriving readymade and guaranteed to be a perfect fit, you can relax, knowing that the whole process will take very little time.

In terms of expense, this again is something which does not need to be an issue. PVC and GRP is not expensive, and because it is so lightweight and easy to carry and fix, very little labour is involved, lowering the costs yet again. But remember, the costs involved in having a door canopy doesn't necessarily stop once it has been fitted. It will be important to bear in mind long term maintenance costs. Looking after wood or timber canopies or porch roofs will require regular sanding, varnishing and painting, as well as replacing any rotten or split sections.

However, PVC will last for many, many years, and the only maintenance required will be a quick wash down with a wet sponge or a hose pipe every now and then. So, as well as representing a convenient solution, and an economical one both in the short term and the longer term, what about the concerns regarding whether a plastic door canopy would suit your particular property? The answer here is that there are so many varieties, so many styles and so many sizes of PVC door canopies that regardless of the type of property, there is highly likely to be a choice which will suit your home perfectly.

Roger Orbison is a professional builder & decorator, offering people advice on choosing a suitableplastic door canopy and PVC door canopies.

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