Should You Choose Bespoke Radiator Covers Or Ready Made Ones?

Published: 24th November 2011
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For anyone considering buying radiator covers or cabinets there are two initial choices. You could opt for bespoke radiator covers which are made to measure, and built to your exact requirements, or you could pay a bit less and pick up a radiator cover or cabinet from a DIY shop or home furniture store. But which is really the best option? Is it worth spending a bit more on bespoke radiator covers, or are the less expensive options, which of course can be picked up immediately, a suitable alternative?

Certainly there are arguments for both sides, and a good deal will depend on your personal circumstances. In this article we will look at the basic differences between them, and hope to provide you with some useful information that will help you make the right choice for your home.

Radiator covers are purchased by people for one of three main reasons. The first reason is appearance, and this is important because not many people find blank white radiators an attractive feature in the home. Having a radiator cover over it or boxing it in by using a radiator cabinet makes an immediate difference to the look of your room. Because often you can paint a cabinet or cover you can create a feature which blends in, or complements your decor, and this really does help bring a room together in a very effective way.

Most radiator cabinets and covers include a shelf across the top too, and this is ideal for displaying pictures or ornaments. Normally of course you can't really put things above a radiator, firstly because the top of the radiator is so uneven, and secondly that the rising heat will damage things such as photos. Radiator cabinets and covers will usually provide enough protection to become an additional display shelf.

Off the shelf radiator cabinets are now available in a wide range of designs, although obviously the choice is much more limited than going for a bespoke radiator cover. If you're looking for something to really complement the existing decor and it's important to get it as right as the decision over a fireplace or mantel, then bespoke radiator cabinets will offer the sort of range of choice you'll need. But if you have a fairly traditional, loose style, then you may well find readymade cabinets and covers which you can paint and decorate yourself which will certainly do the trick as far as appearance is concerned.

But what of the other two reasons? The second reason people buy radiator cabinets is because they help the radiator warm the room up much more quickly and more effectively. The third reasons is that by achieving this, the radiators can be turned down lower and switched off sooner, saving both fuel and money. However, it should be realised that readymade cabinets and covers will only really provide an average fit. Of course, you might be lucky, and if you live in a house that has radiators which aren't near skirting boards, pipes, sockets, corners, doors or uneven sections of wall, then they may fit well enough.

But the real mark of quality offered by bespoke radiator covers means that they will be a perfect fit, no matter what the individual circumstances within the room. This will maximise the efficiency of the radiator and cabinet, increasing the savings very quickly, and helping to make a real difference as far as warming the room up is concerned.

Of course, if the room tends to be naturally quite warm anyway, and you don't have the radiator on much, then readymade radiator covers may well be a perfectly good alternative, but to feel the benefit in rooms where the heating is used more, bespoke radiator covers and cabinets are essential for making sure that the fit is just as needed, as well as offering a unique look and style, and the peace of mind that comes from having something hand crafted and of real quality.

For more information about bespoke radiator covers visit Kingston Cabinets, a UK company specialising in radiator covers and radiator cabinets.

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