Invisalign - The Most Common Concerns About Wearing Braces

Published: 22nd March 2011
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If you've looked even very briefly into the idea of teeth alignment then one name you'll almost certainly have come across is Invisalign. UK dentists are rapidly taking on board the new opportunities offered by Invisalign for teeth alignment, specifically the opportunity to offer patients clear braces, rather than traditional metal wire ones.

If you have considered braces for teeth alignment, either for yourself or for someone else, such as a child, then you are likely to have asked yourself a few questions, or at least raised concerns in your own mind. This is quite normal, and most people have at least a couple of key concerns or questions they need answered.

The opportunities which Invisalign is offering UK patients is tremendous, although clear braces are not for everyone. In this article we'll cover some of the most popular questions and concerns which people have, including brief answers, responses or explanations to help provide some insight into the solutions now provided by many leading dentists in the UK.

1. I'm concerned about the visual appearance of wearing braces. This is clearly one of the most obvious concerns people have when it comes to teeth alignment. Certainly there is no hiding traditional metal wire braces, and as they're usually worn for anywhere between 2 and 4 years, the visual appearance is an important consideration. Fortunately the clear braces from Invisalign help to address this problem. Not only are the clear braces virtually undetectable unless you actually look hard, they can be removed at any time very easily, such as for having a professional photograph taken.

2. I'm worried about braces being uncomfortable to wear. Traditional metal wire braces can be uncomfortable to wear, and there have been cases where wires have stuck into the gums causing ulcers and sores. This isn't to suggest that everyone finds them uncomfortable or painful, but there have certainly been plenty of examples where it has been a problem. The clear braces from Invisalign incorporate no metal or wires at all, and there is nothing to stick into or rub against the gums. In fact they are made from a soft, jelly like material which simply slides over the teeth a little like a gum shield.

3. I've heard that oral hygiene is difficult when wearing braces. The main problem with metal braces is that once fitted they are either impossible or at least very difficult to remove and replace yourself. This means that brushing teeth can be difficult, and flossing is almost impossible. However, one of the benefits which Invisalign offers UK patients is the fact that clear braces can be removed at any time very easily. They just slip off like a gum shield you might wear for playing some sports - although the clear braces are much thinner than gum shields, and virtually invisible. It is advisable to remove the braces in order to clean teeth, greatly improving oral hygiene.

4. Will I be able to eat my favourite foods still when wearing braces? When people wear traditional metal wire braces they tend to find that some foods can be impossible to eat, such as sesame seed buns. This is because it is easy for the seeds to become lodged between the braces and the teeth or gums, and this can be both uncomfortable and a potential problem from the point of view of hygiene. Foods such as peanut butter are almost impossible to eat. With the clear braces available from Invisalign, UK patients can enjoy eating all of their favourite foods, as the braces can be removed for eating if required. As long as the braces are worn for 23 hours out of every 24 hour period, they can be removed easily at any time.

5. How will I know that my teeth will eventually look how I want? When you are fitted with traditional metal wire braces you have very little idea exactly how long you will need to have them in, and you'll have no real visual idea of what your teeth will eventually look like. However, with the clear braces available from Invisalign UK patients know exactly what their teeth will look like at fortnightly intervals right up until the final look. This is all thanks to the 3D virtual reality models used by the dentists, giving you an exact time frame, a clear idea of how your teeth will look, and with all of the benefits which invisible braces offer compared to the traditional alternative.

For further information about Invisalign UK visit The Invisalign Guide, where you can find news, advice and support about clear braces from independent, professional dental experts.

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