Choosing Men's Designer Clothing To Help You Look Taller

Published: 25th November 2011
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One of the latest trends in men's fashion clothing is for the slim fit inspired by so much of the fashion clothing coming out of the east. From Japan and South Korea in particular a whole range of slim fit clothing is fast becoming popular over here in the UK, and this is great news for those men who want to try to look a little taller.

For many men the wish to look a little taller is a constant concern, and although the definition of being short is being under five foot six, there are plenty of men taller than this who are still keen to try to give the appearance of an extra few inches. So the Japanese and South Korean styles becoming popular now make an excellent choice, especially for the slimmer man.

One of the most distinctive features about this new style clothing is the way it is cut to fit, and to provide as slim a silhouette as possible. One of the mistakes made by many men is to wear loose fitting clothing, because if you're looking to appear taller wearing loose clothing will in fact do quite the opposite. Baggy clothing enhances the width, and this in turn reduces a person's apparent height. The converse is of course true, in that wearing slim clothing that is contoured, fitted and provides a svelte silhouette will help to give the appearance of extra height.

It is well known that the average height of people in the UK is greater than the average height in places such as Japan and South Korea, but it's also a fact that the average build in the UK is heavier too. By buying men's designer clothing from fashion houses specialising in clothing either imported from the east or designed along the same basic principles, it is possible to create a look which really enhances a person's height. But this can only be achieved by buying the correct size. The measurements given for this clothing can sometimes be a little confusing, as it may be given in Japanese or South Korean measurements, in US measurements, or UK or European measurements. A large size by South Korean or Japanese standards would be about a medium in US terms, and a small in UK or European sizes. It's important therefore to know what standard of measurement is being given, or to use actual measurements to gauge the size you need.

But by purchasing slim clothing you can really make a difference in your apparent height. Another tip when choosing men's designer clothing for this reason is to try to buy clothing which matches in colour. If you're trying to look a little taller then you should not use contrasting colours, as this breaks the sections of your body up and reduces the overall impression of height. By wearing similar or the same colours for shoes, trousers and tops you can blend the different sections of your body together in a way which is more seamless and creates a greater impression of overall height.

The combination of slim fit clothing and colour matching can really make a difference, but if you are trying to look taller then it is particularly important to make sure that you purchase men's designer clothing which is fitted. If the clothing is not fitted then any looseness or bagginess will average out your contours in such a way that you will lose the appearance of height. Avoid tapered or baggy trousers, but instead go for boot-cut or straight leg trousers, especially if your torso is slightly shorter than average compared to the length of your legs. By choosing men's designer clothing in this way you can walk tall, both in terms of style and appearance!

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