Buying Radiator Covers - Bespoke Or Readymade?

Published: 17th October 2011
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As more and more people choose to buy radiator covers for their homes one of the most commonly asked questions is whether to buy bespoke radiator cabinets or covers, or whether to buy off the shelf, ready made covers. Certainly in terms of price ready made radiator cabinets are a good deal cheaper, as you might expect, but does that economy come at a price? Do custom made, bespoke covers and cabinets really able to offer more?

In order to understand this itís important to think about the different reasons why people buy radiator covers in the first place. There are two main reasons, although plenty of other reasons why people opt for covers and cabinets rather than having bare, exposed radiators in their home. Clearly there are few people who would happily rave about the beautiful, artistic look of the average home radiator. Generally theyíre large, bulky, plain white slabs which can easily dominate a room.

If you have a fairly dark room with dark coloured wallpaper, carpet or furniture, such as a dining room, boudoir or study, then a great big white radiator stands out like a sore thumb. Or at least, it would if the average sore thumb was about five feet long, two feet wide and completely white. With pipes sticking out of it. But you probably get the point. Thereís no doubt that almost anything would be an improvement and certainly having a radiator cabinet or a radiator cover completely disguising your radiator is a positive step. This is one of the two main reasons why so many people choose to buy cabinets or covers, and itís one most of us can readily appreciate.

But the other main reason why people choose to buy covers is because they help significantly improve the efficiency of a radiator, helping to heat the room more evenly and more quickly, whilst allowing you to turn your heating down, and switch it off altogether much sooner. Whether you look at it from the point of view of improving the way your room is warmed, and the comfort of your guests or from the point of view of efficiency, and of lowering your heating bills, radiator covers represent a good choice.

So bearing in mind these two main reasons, do bespoke radiator covers offer anything which readymade ones donít? First of all, letís consider the aesthetics, because if youíre going to cover up something large and unattractive you do want to make sure that the change is a positive improvement. Remember, your radiator cabinet is going to be larger than your radiator, and you will want to make sure that as a fairly dominant feature in the room it plays a positive part in helping to tie the theme and feel of the room together successfully. Clearly the range of readymade covers is going to be very much more limited compared to the endless customisations offered by makers of bespoke covers.

Some people will find a readymade cabinet which works for their room, but in most cases where the design and decor of the room has been very carefully created and assembled the best option will only be a second best one. But just as importantly is the fact that bespoke cabinets will be made to fit your radiator and your room exactly. This is crucial if you are looking to gain any practical benefits from having a cover, because readymade cabinets will be unlikely to offer a completely flush fit. Any gaps will allow warm air to seep out, lowering the temperature of the air caught inside the cabinet, and lowering the temperature of the air as it is pushed out through the grille at the front. Custom made radiator covers will be made to provide the maximum benefits, helping to ensure that they donít just look good, but that they really help to make a positive difference to the way your room, and your guests feel.

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