Barbour Jackets - For The Needs Of Today And Those Of Your Future

Published: 15th November 2011
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Barbour jackets are one of the most instantly recognisable and most respected brands of coat and jacket, chosen by many of the most well known people, not the least of which is the Royal Family themselves, who have chosen Barbour jackets and coats for years. One of the benefits of Barbour coats is that they are both eminently fashionable and stylish, yet also supremely practical, and in the world of men's fashion that's an unusual combination.

All too often it seems that men's fashion is all about style, sophistication, looks and appearance, yet less concerned about issues such as durability, ruggedness, versatility, comfort and practicality. A coat or a jacket is occasionally worn as a fashion element or part of a stylish outfit, yet most of the time a coat or jacket is worn it's because the weather is cold, wet, damp or otherwise fairly gloomy or unpredictable. In other words the very times we need to wear a coat or jacket is when we need it to be comfortable, practical and effective in helping to protect us from the rain, wind and cold.

Fashionable jackets as can sometimes be found in men's fashion stores don't always manage to achieve this, protecting perhaps against a few drops of rain, a faint breeze or temperatures which plummet below 20 degrees Celsius! But for really practical coats Barbour jackets are the number one choice by those in the know, and those who need a practical jacket.

Yet whilst Barbour coats are the first choice for people who spend a good deal of their time outdoors, either walking, hiking, shooting or working, they are also one of the first choices by those who are looking for a stylish, fashionable coat to wear whilst out and about in town. In fact if you stop to think for a moment, how many brands of coat or jacket can you name which look just as at home in the country, the moors or the Highlands as in Belgravia Square? Very few no doubt, yet Barbour jackets will be one of those few.

One of the things people love about Barbour is their attention to detail, using only quality materials, tailored styling and accessories, fittings and pockets which work both on a practical level and on a stylish one. Whether you choose quilted jackets for exceptional warmth, wax jackets for outstanding protection against the rain, or leather jackets for protection in the cold, the wind, or even on a motorbike, the name Barbour will almost certainly be one you will come to rely upon and love, even if you don't already.

Because Barbour jackets aren't like many other men's fashion items, here today, hung on a peg tomorrow and completely forgotten about by next Tuesday. Barbour is a name that's been going for quite some time, and their style of coats, whilst still being expanded and with new styles being made, is one which has a timeless look about it. Pick a Barbour coat from 20 years ago, and it will undoubtedly look just as stylish today as it did then. Again, there are few makes of fashion wear which can make that claim, yet if you buy a Barbour coat today, because it will last so well you could well be wearing it in a decade or two from now.

And because Barbour coats are so rugged and durable, it will probably be just as strong, sturdy, resilient and waterproof as it was when you bought it. With the right treatment such as re-waxing a wax jacket ever six months or so, Barbour jackets are an item of men's fashion clothing which don't just follow fashion, nor even lead it. They simply are fashion.

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