Are Y3 Trainers Value For Money Or Are Fakes Worth Considering?

Published: 24th November 2011
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Whether you're deeply into sports and are looking for something to provide you with an edge, or you're into fashion and styling and are looking for something to provide you with an edge, Y3 trainers are often the answer. It's not often that the world of sport and the world of fashion collide so spectacularly, at least not with a result that sets the bar so much higher in both camps at the same time.

Following the union of Yohji Yamamoto, one of Japan's leading and most innovative fashion designers, with Adidas, one of the world's leading sportswear and sports equipment manufacturers, the Y3 trainers range has continued to set new standards. Today there are Y-3 trainers available which help provide specific advantages to those who are into martial arts, boxing, running, keep fit, tennis and much more.

The sports science and technical advantages offered by Adidas through their extensive experience of what sportsmen and women need, how they move and what the potential problems or advantages could be have been welded seamlessly to cutting edge fashion styling which bears all the hallmarks of the very latest Japanese fashion styles. Stylish contours, slimline silhouettes and fantastic attention to detail make Y3 trainers on the of hottest things for feet since fire walking.

Most people who buy Y3 trainers agree that they are fantastic value for money, even though they're by no means the cheapest trainer on the market. This is because they are such high quality, lasting for many years longer than ordinary trainers. Y3 trainers aren't like most other fashion trainers built to last just a season or two. Y3 trainers are built to be used, and to cope with whatever you throw at them. For this reason they are excellent value, but this doesn't stop some people being tempted to find a pair for significantly less than you might normally expect to pay.

One of the problems today though is that almost every pair of underpriced Y-3 trainers is counterfeit. You can hop online, perhaps to sites such as Ebay, and find pairs of Y3 trainers for 20. In fact I found a pair of Y3 tennis shoes on Ebay today for less than 30. Bear in mind that these were advertised as new, and yet normally they're for sale at around 180. I asked the seller how they were able to offer such a bargain, and their cheerful response was that they were in fact seconds.

There's your first warning - Adidas have stated very explicitly that they do not sell seconds. There is no such thing as a Y3 second. I noticed that the photograph of the trainer for sale was a stock picture taken from the Adidas Y3 website, so I asked the seller if they had a photo of the real trainer. I eventually got a blurry, out of focus and distinctly unclear image taken with a cheap mobile phone. In fact I think their dog took the photo. On a bad day. I asked for a better quality one, close up, showing me the inside of the tongues and the ends of the laces. Funnily enough the seller stopped answering me, and I never heard anything else.

These are the sorts of warning signs you should lookout for, because it was fairly obvious that these were counterfeit Y3 trainers, which would not only look very inferior to normal ones, and would not fit terribly well, but they would also fall apart pretty quickly. If you're looking for a bargain, make sure you ask whoever is selling you the trainers plenty of questions. Most sellers of fake Y3 trainers will avoid providing anything very specific, and these are your warning signs. For the real deal it's always better to go to a reputable retailer with a long track record of providing original, genuine products. It's always embarrassing when you lose a match because your shoes fall apart.

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