3 Contrasting Examples Of Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens

Published: 25th November 2011
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As more and more people discover the delights and advantages of coloured glass splashbacks for kitchens there are more examples to come across in order to see just what effect they can have on the kitchen space. But for anyone who hasn't yet seen glass being used in this way in the kitchen, or who has only seen one example of the way in which coloured glass can dramatically affect the look of the kitchen, here are three very contrasting ways in which coloured glass splashbacks can completely transform a kitchen immediately.

The Cosy Kitchen Diner
Increasingly many people are having open plan kitchens which combine the traditional kitchen with a dining and entertaining area. This can either be used for the family to sit round together for a meal, or even for entertaining friends and guests in the evenings. Having a kitchen which includes an eating and entertaining space is extremely convenient, but there can sometimes be problems.

The main problem for people is the feel of the room, because often kitchens don't tend to feel cosy or warming. One of the ways to overcome this is through the use of coloured glass splashbacks, because by choosing warm colours such as reds, ambers and oranges it is possible to immediately transform the look of the whole kitchen, and the feel of the room. Unlike tiles and other surfaces glass tends to reflect almost all of the light, imbuing it with colour that floods the whole room.

By using warm colours like these it is very easy to immediately transform the feel of the room, making it feel and look warmer, cosier and more suited to relaxing, entertaining and dining. Most dining rooms tend to use warm colours in this way, and when complemented by the use of black or woods, the result can be astonishing.

The Crisp, Clean Kitchen
If you ever feel that no matter how hard you scrub and clean the kitchen never feels completely finished, it could simple be a case of using the wrong colours. Sometimes kitchens seem to incorporate colours which don't help create a fresh, clean feeling, and this can leave you cold. By using coloured glass splashbacks which incorporate colours such as blues or yellows it is very easy to completely transform the feel of the kitchen space, making it feel light, airy, clean and crisp.

Light blues and citrus colours such as yellows work in our subconscious mind to evoke a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, and this can have a really positive, uplifting effect on how you feel. Because glass doesn't absorb light in the way that other surfaces do, such as tiles, the coloured light is reflected around the whole room, making the entire space feel transformed. Not only that, but glass is a good deal easier to clean than grouted tiles, meaning you'll actually be spending less time cleaning, and still end up with a kitchen that feels more clean, fresh and airy than ever before.

The Ultra Modern Kitchen
Of course, just because you're using glass for your worktops or splashbacks doesn't mean you have to use coloured glass. In fact there are many options, and by using clear glass you can create a really modern look. For the ultimate slick chic look use frosted clear glass which has in built LED lighting either behind it or underneath it.

This immediately create a look which is very modern, very stylish and looks extremely expensive (even though it's actually very affordable). Clear frosted glass can create a smooth, sleek look that helps to reflect and refract the light beautifully, and the frosted surface diffuses the LED lighting below or behind it, making the whole kitchen seem to glow softly.

These three very contrasting examples of how glass splashbacks for kitchens can transform the living space demonstrate how easy it is to have a very dramatic impact on the way a room looks and feels. But this is far from being the end of the story, because with so many other colour choices and styles to choose from, it really is possible to effect the transformation you're after, however unique that might be.

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